Dispersion Services LLC provides contract manufacturing services to the coating industry and related sectors. Our core business focuses on pigment dispersion using wet-process technology.

We work closely with our customers, producing their products using engineered process technology. We solve manufacturing and new product challenges with methods developed during thirty years in the coating and chemical process sectors.

Our manufacturing services using the toll-manufacturing business model. Customers provide raw materials and Dispersion Services performs processing to produce the Customer's product. We manage all aspects of the work flow: receipt and storage of raw materials, batch processing to achieve product quality specification, packaging and shipping.

The Dispersion Services philosophy is to deliver the best technical solution for our clients - applied process expertise to achieve favorable results.

Process capabilities include both size reduction and dispersion. Our equipment can perform size reduction (grinding) of pigments & powders while controlling the particle size distribution. If the pigment/powder is in the correct size range, dispersion processing is used to achieve stability and performance properties.