Services are offered in three primary areas:

Contract Manufacturing of Coatings and Pigment Concentrates

Process capabilities include both size reduction and dispersion. Our equipment can perform size reduction (grinding) of pigments & powders while controlling the particle size distribution. For pigment/powder in the correct size range, dispersion processing is used to achieve stability and performance properties.

Capabilities as a specialty manufacturer enables a broad range of batch sizes. We routinely produce in batch sizes of 5 gal, 35 gal, 50 gal, 100 gals and 200 gal.

Products are packaged in the size the our clients prefer: 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes. High-value products can be packaged in 1-liter bottles.

Development of Coating Formulation and Processes

Dispersion Services has developed formulations for inks, specialty graphics coatings, magnetic media, UV-cured systems, and specialty functional coatings. Our laboratory-scale equipment is used to screen formulations as part of Experiment Design (DOE) methods.

Consultation for Product Development and Process Analysis

Solving technical problems and supporting on-site development by utilizing process engineering and technical expertise in the areas of fine particle systems, coating formulation, coating application processes, and polymer processing.