Dispersion Services provides contract manufacturing services to the coating industry and related sectors.

DS works closely with our customers, producing their products with years of engineering experience in process. We solve manufacturing and new product challenges with methods developed during decades of coating and chemical process toll manufacturing.

Our core competency focuses on pigment dispersion using wet-process techniques.

Our manufacturing services follow the classic toll-manufacturing model. We manage all aspects of work flow: receipt and storage of raw materials, QAQC, batch processing to achieve product with quality results, packaging and shipping.


Use our lab development services to create new formulations, evaluate new materials, and prepare small quantity dispersions.

Pilot Scale

Our pilot capabilities produces small batches to enable small production runs or in-depth evaluations.



Complete the scale-up and begin manufacturing. Our milling equipment designed to effectively process materials for dispersion and size reduction.

Customer Service

Dispersion services is committed to exceed in your expectations in customer service.


We will do everything possible to ensure that you are completely satisfied and supported in this ongoing relationship with the quality that meets your every need.


We will use our expertise to focus and pinpoint the best development path and process materials for you.

The Dispersion Services philosophy is to deliver the best technical solution and quality chemistry for our clients.

Process capabilities include both size reduction and particle dispersion. Our equipment can perform size reduction (grinding) of pigments & powders while controlling the particle size distribution. If the pigment/powder is in the correct size range, dispersion processing is used to achieve stability and proven performance.


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