Services are offered in three primary areas:

Contract Manufacturing of Coatings and Pigment Concentrates

Process capabilities include both size reduction and dispersion stability. Our equipment performs size reduction (grinding) of pigments & powders while controlling the particle size distribution. For pigment/powder in the desired size range, dispersion processing is used to achieve stability and performance chemistries.

Capabilities as a specialty manufacturer enable a broad range of batch sizes. We routinely produce in batch sizes from 5 gallons to 600 gallons.

We commonly package in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes with high-value products being packaged in 1-liter kits.

Development of Coating Formulation and Processes

Dispersion Services has developed formulations for inks, specialty graphics coatings, magnetic media, UV-cured systems, cold foils, and specialty functional coatings. Our laboratory equipment is used to screen formulations as part of our validation process with the final objective being manufactured goods.

Consultation for Product Development and Process Analysis

Solving technical problems while supporting on-site development by utilizing process engineering and technical experience in the areas of fine particle systems, coating formulation, coating application processes, and polymer processing.